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Executive Coaching Approach

Client engagements are usually 6 months to 1 year in length.  Our method focuses on specific engagement objectives and desired outcomes.  Executive Coaching meeting time with clients ranges from 2-4 hours per month by held via telephone or Zoom meeting. Additional meetings with key stakeholders and/or colleagues (optional) provide useful data. The role of the Executive Coach is to listen, analyze, synthesize, assist and guide.  

In a Meeting

The goal of Executive Coaching is to:  

  • Synthesize information gathered 

  • Provide our clients with practical, useful ideas 

  • Make it actionable 

Two requirements of effective coaching are: 

  • Clearly stated written objectives for the client work undertaken together

  • Commitment by you (the client) to do the work.


While each engagement differs based on each client’s needs, here is an example outline of Executive Coaching services:  

  • Introductory one-on-one meeting to establish with statement of objectives for our work together (1-2 hours work session)  

  • One-on-one meetings with client (1-2 hours each); 2-4 meetings per month   

  • Executive Coach speaks with 4 colleagues by phone or Zoom meeting (optional)  

  • Possible topics of work performed together: 

    • define professional and personal goals

    • enhance leadership skills

    • prepare for board role

    • work more effectively with teams

    • refine communication skills

    • prioritize work demands

    • address work/life balance

    • plan for and execute role transition   

  • Analysis and debrief with the client (1 hour work session)

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