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"When we began working with Randi, our office was in a state of flux – we needed guidance and support as we literally dismantled the existing culture and structure of the business to rebuild it with well-defined goals, roles, and strategies as to how to achieve our vision. In a matter of months over the course of several sessions, Randi shepherded us through difficult conversations and exercises to gain clarity and definition around our core values and vision as well as how to hold ourselves and our staff accountable for attaining them. Two years later, our operations are thriving and our culture is vibrant thanks to that hard work that Randi guided."

C-Suite Executive, Family Office

Image by Scott Graham

Randi’s exceptional corporate experience, expertise and dynamic personality allowed my coaching sessions with her be impactful and long lasting."

C-Suite Banking Executive

"My coaching engagement with Randi was highly productive in moving my practice forward. Our work covered clarification of my strategy for leveling-up a client tier and moving into a segment that energizes me; confirming my time/marketing spend was where I needed to be; and helping me strategize the merger of my practice with that of a larger financial planning organization. Randi’s ideas and feedback, delivered in a healthy Socratic style, were both qualitatively and quantitatively effective in helping me to achieve the results I sought."

Wealth Management Advisor, Entrepreneur

Business Conference

"Before working with Randi, I thought I knew what to expect with executive level coaching. Of course I wanted to enhance my leadership skills, advocate for a more inclusive work environment, and commit myself to a developing shared vision of the executive management team. During our time together, Randi helped me take a dive deep and truly examine my own professional and personal values—particularly as the only female executive in the organization. She helped me find my voice and use it in an impactful way. I learned a lot about the role I was expected to play and the limitations involved in helping to identify and positively influence toxicity in the workplace. Randi helped me discover my authentic leadership style and I am eternally grateful for the experience."

Executive Director of Communications & Development, State Regulatory Agency

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